Craft Awards

Kaley Flowers
The Pottery Supply House Clay & Glass Supply Grant

Kaley Flowers explores ideas of digital culture, online trends, technology and nature, through a mythology of characters and “cyber-artifacts”, in the attempt to solidify the fleeting, virtual imagery of our past and present as tangible objects. Flowers is a graduate of OCAD University and works as an Artist-in-Residence at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. Her work has been shown internationally and across Canada in galleries such as Hashimoto Contemporary (San Francisco), The Hole (NYC) and the Dunlop Gallery (Regina). In 2019, Flowers attended ACRE Artist Residency (Chicago) and the Picnic Art Festival (Shanghai), and was awarded Juror’s Choice at the Salt Spring National Art Prize (Canada).


Sun / Earth
Hand-built ceramic, glaze; 28 cm x 17 cm; 2020

Hand-built ceramic, glaze, stain, underglaze, lustre; 16 cm x 14 cm x 30 cm; 2018

Hand-built ceramic; 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm; 2020

Blossom ghost
Hand-built ceramic, glaze, underglaze; 15 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm; 2019

Millenial Venus
Hand-built ceramic, glaze, lustre, decals, mirror; 20 cm x 22 cm x 35 cm; 2019

Huernia Zebrina
Hand-built ceramic, glaze; 24 cm x 13 cm x 5 cm; 2019

Hand-built ceramic, glaze, underglaze, gold lustre, ribbon; 17 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm; 2018

Root, circuit
Hand-built ceramic, glaze, gold lustre; 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm; 2019

Still from Ecofield
Hand-built ceramic, glaze, light projection; 20 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm; 2020

New era
Hand-built ceramic; 25 cm x 12 cm x 17 cm; 2020

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