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PETER FLEMING reflects on Studio's role in this month's Comment.

Did You Know?
MICHAEL PROKOPOW discusses Douglas Coupland’s craft credentials in his regular feature ‘ Did You Know?’

7 creative Canadians who work with, in, or near design.

Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent.

Review: Knitting for History 
NICOLE BAUBERGER reviews a Yarn-bombed DC-3 in Whitehorse.

Review: Fictions & Legends
ELLYN WALKER reviews 2 artists juxtaposed at the Textile Museum.

From Saskatoon, SK.


Spring/Summer 2014

STUDIO SS 2014 -Cover-PastIssue

Michael Flaherty comments on Fall/Winter 2013-14.

Congratulations and announcements: Janet Macpherson, Tanya Billings, Stoney Lamar, Emily Wojna, Ting Kwok Leung and Jie Yang & Paul van Bijgaart.
Craft Council Calendar.

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow considers the craft world in India as organised by Paramparik Karigar in Mumbai.

7 creative Canadians who work with, in, or near design.

Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent.

Review: Opposing Glass Houses
Gloria Hickey reviews two Montreal glass exhibitions.

Review: Invested/40
Laura Carey reviews the 40th Anniversary show of the Craft Council of BC.

From Halifax, NS.

As well as the Cover Story: Celebrating Sandra Brownlee, 2014 Saidye Bronfman award winner…and many other fresh articles.

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

STUDIO FW 2013-14 COVER-pastissue

The Sensuous in Technology
What happens when the handmade tradition meets cutting edge technology? Jennifer McRorie investigates.

The little town that keeps doing
Chemainus, BC was nearly knocked out when the lumber mill closed in the 1980s. Peggy Grigor introduces the craft solutions that stopped it from happening again.

Collaborating Class
Sheridan College’s trial SHED program was a rewarding education in collaboration for all involved. Sally McCubbin explains.

Not getting older, getting better
Ross Bradley asks how to define the notion of ‘senior maker’ – is it more than just endurance? Is the cutting edge where you find it?

Transformation by Fire
Now in its 10th year, an art therapy group coordinated by The Barbra Schlifer Clinic and Gardiner Museum presents a major exhibition on trauma and healing. Rachel Gotlieb writes about the show she curated.

Into Porcelain Dreams
Shary Boyle is representing Canada at the 2013 Venice Biennale. Julie Hollenbach visited the exhibition and details the lessons Boyle took from ceramic makers into the international heat.

Vivian Baumann: Costume as Collaboration
Jean Kares meets up with the costume designer who joyfully meets the demands of film, stage and art and discusses the intensity of multi-faceted collaboration.

Country Cups and City Saucers
Heather Read explores the age-old distinction with one maker in the country and one in the city: how do their experiences compare?

Desert Island Craft
If you had to select your Canadian Craft reading list to take to a desert island, what would you pick? Jennifer Salahub presents her essentials. Back to School or Holiday reading: don’t miss it.

Gloria Hickey questions jargon.

Congratulations and announcements.

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow considers Bill Reid's heritage.

Six established makers who still work at the cutting edge.

Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent.

Review: Restrained
Grace Butland reviews Louise Pentz's important exhibition.

Book Review: The Invention of Craft
Leopold Kowolik reviews Glenn Adamson's 2013 monograph.

From Edmonton, Alberta.

Spring/Summer 2013


The 2013 Saidye Bronfman Award Winner Greg Payce
Mireille Perron offers analysis and congratulations to the 2013 recipient whose celebrated ceramic practice turns material heads.

Sinking Ships and Rising Prices
Janna Hiemstra considers Garth Clark’s keynote to SNAG 2012.

Speaking Across Difference
When a curator from one cultural background engages with work from another, what becomes of this ‘Othering.’ Ellyn Walker wrestles.

The Stigma of Craft
Kathleen Morris looks at the place of craft in contemporary academic and higher educational settings.

Mastering Fine Craft in Canada
A proposed MFA in Craft media at ACAD has many people excited and wondering. Mary-Beth Laviolette shares the buzz.

Spirituality in the Making
Les Potter reflects on the presence of spirituality in making.

Tradition in Transition
Canada was the guest country at the most recent Carréfour Européen du Patchwork, an annual celebration of quilting in Alsace, France. Sandra Reford takes us there.

Toronto’s Summer of Jewellery
Barbara Isherwood prepares Canada to host the next SNAG conference and the first TIJF, in summer 2013.

Chips and Blocks
Bettina Matzkuhn traces the craft gene from parents to children, looking at three families who are all in it together.

Anne Manuel reflects on the last issue of Studio, Craft and the New Economy.

Congratulations and announcements.

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow celebrates the surfboard.

Edible craftsmanship from around the country.

Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent.

Review: Not So Fast
Ellyn Walker on the recent ON exhibition.

Review: Felt Translation
Amy Gogarty on Joanne Circle’s BC Exhibition.

Review: Jane Kidd and Negotiating Tradition
Virginia Stephen on two AB Exhibitions.

From Fredericton, NB.

Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Studio FallWinter2012-13

Craft and the New Economy
Marie O’Mahony offers an adaptation of her keynote address from the March symposium.

Terence Dick Interviews Les Manning
whose thirty-year career includes election to the Order of Canada for fundamental contributions to Canadian Craft.

The members of this pioneering collective live in 5 different provinces – Katherine Ylitalo looks at a new world of making it work.

More than survival…
Jean Kares introduces 3 makers who discovered surprising benefits from the question of financial survival.

The Ecology of Craft

Lissa Robinson finds that a relationship to surroundings is an inspiration to repurposing in craft.

Blessing or Curse?
Tiana Roebuck considers the craft of international chain store Anthropologie.

What is Old is New Again
The renaissance of the craft fair tells old and new truths to Kerri-Lynn Reeves.

Crafting Community
Large social issues create an immediate sense of community for some Newfoundland makers. Gay Decker discusses.


Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent.

Did You Know?
Recycle, Reuse: Michael Prokopow rediscovers.

Eight creative Canadians with time on their hands (and minds).

Review: Valid Objects of Beauty
Cinzi Colella returns to the travelling exhibition of Susan Rankin’s work.

Review: Junkosphere
Gloria Hickey evaluates the exhibition at The Rooms.

Review: The C-Word
Heidi McKenzie reviews the recent Harbourfront Centre exhibition.

From West Kootenay, BC.

Spring/Summer 2012

Studio SpringSummer2012

Charles Lewton-Brain, the 2012 Saidye Bronfman Award Winner
Jennifer Salahub celebrates the ingenuity and diligence of this great Canadian craftsman. The inventor of fold-forming, Lewton-Brain (long time editorial board member of Studio) listens to his material and explores and experiments towards that ‘which cannot be taught by words’

The State of the Craft
Five senior craft curators look at their chosen medium and take stock of the issues and the makers who define craft today

Medalta, the Rose in Alberta’s Wilds
Aaron Nelson introduces us to Alberta’s ceramic heritage, its impressive new developments and the promise of the future

The Tide is Changing
The young craft makers of Newfoundland and Labrador are flying in the face of expectations back to the Rock to develop exciting and dynamic craft careers

Forging a Sisterhood
A recent surge in all-female blacksmithing groups, especially the Sisters of Fire, leads to a series of interesting encounters for Lissa Robinson

Site Specific Challengeand Reward
Sally Erskine Doucette asks Nova Scotian makers about the difficulties of installation work and the pleasures that emerge in the course of sitespecific work

Congratulations to Laurie Rolland and Teresa Burrows; Quintet; Village Démocratie; Watch Out: Academy of Lions; Craft Council Calendar

Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow considers Allan Fleming and his iconic Canadian logo

Eight creative Canadians who work in Isolation

Material Explorations Julie Nicholson looks at the recent Harbourfront Centre exhibition

Publication Review: Thrown
John Chalke reviews the new monograph on Bernard Leach’s broad influence

From Brigham, Quebec

Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Studio FallWinter2011-12

Looking for Home: An Interview with Kai Chan
A recent 35 year retrospective exhibition gave Terence Dick an opportunity to sit down and discuss home and creativity with this internationally recognized artist.

Craft as an Attitude
Arno Verhoeven takes a philosophical approach into the relationship between crafted objects and the world in which they are viewed and used.

No Holds Barred Creativity
Gloria Hickey discovers indigenous cross disciplinarity in Newfoundland where disciplinary interaction has always made sense (whatever you call it).

The (Re)Materialization of Ideas
Mireille Perron discusses a new breed of art and craft students, graduating from programs with a boundless approach to craft disciplines.

A Blurry Line
Natalie Purschwitz crafts clothing into art installations and performances – Ann Rosenberg explores her work and her line-blurring process.

Paula Cooley introduces us to the Mudslingers, an informal ceramics community, now ten years in the making, with the mantra ‘Now Make Six More!’

Congratulations to Chung-Im Kim; Fabric of Clay; Guest Workers; Relatives; EN[COUNTER]S; Watch Out; Craft Council Calendar; Helen Konek wall hangings

An RV and a Dream

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow looks at the history of the Lotte Lamp: the Canadian absorption of Danish aesthetics

Eight creative Canadians who work by Crossing the Line

REVIEW: El Anatsui’s Material Revisions
Janna Hiemstra reviews the exhibition of a major figure on the world stage of craft crossover

REVIEW: Hand+Made: the Performative Impulse in Art and Craft
Review of the catalogue-cum-craft object produced in conjunction with an exhibition at the Houston Contemporary Art Museum

REVIEW: Jacquard 2×2
Montréal/Tokyo Four jacquard weavers, two from Montreal, two from Tokyo go beneath the surface of the image. Joe Lewis reviews.

From Thunder Bay, Ontario

Spring/Summer 2011

Studio SpringSummer2011

Kye-Yeon Son: Light, Space, Strength
Kye-Yeon Son, 2011 Saidye Bronfman Award winner, uses narrative, functional forms and line to create evocative metal work. Sarah Alford traces the path of Son’s career and commitment to her medium.

Big-C and little-c Craft
Melanie Egan asks how we can engage young and new audiences, expanding their love of making into a passion for craft.

Beyond Boundaries: Manitoba Artists Embrace a Fresh Approach
Stacey Abramson examines how art and craft influence each other in Hovercraft.

Bee Kingdom’s Healthy Hive
Katherine Ylitalo introduces us to a collective of young glass artists: Timothy Belliveau, Phillip Bandura and Ryan March Fairweather.

Dolls of Canada’s North – A Seamless Tradition
Jessica Simon traces the history of hand-made dolls crafted by Inuit and Northern First Nations.

Craft and Activism: Ends and Means
Is knit bombing interesting because it is an extravagant manifestation of surplus time? Sarah Alford invites us to assess the ends and means of craftivism.

Thimble & Thread / Sky & Water: The Quilt of Possibilities
Amy C. Wallace reports on the process and impact of a quilt created to celebrate Ontario’s Greenbelt.

Have Some Blim – It’s Good for You
Blim is an independent craft facility. Bettina Matzkuhn looks into how it functions as a resource and platform for local artists.

A Friendly Invasion
Part class reunion, part creativity boot camp – discover how each year Upper Amherst Cove is transformed by the Textiles Retreat.

Jack Sures, Shape Changer
Don Kerr profiles Jack Sures, one of Canada’s premier ceramicists and art educators.

Handmade House
Ruth Millar examines what has made Handmade House, a Saskatoon craft marketing co-operative, such an enduring success.

Congratulations; BAZAART, Material Culture, Love Lace; Craft Council Calendar; Studio Tours; The Web: Power of a Post; The Nova Woodturners Exhibition

Did You Know?
A portrait of the creative and commercial genius of silversmith Carl Poul Petersen.

Under the Radar
Spotting fresh work and talent.

We ask successful craft collaborators how they survive and thrive.

Review: Kaléidoscope
Sabina Rak covers this significant contribution to the bustling year-long celebration of Montréal’s City of Glass.

Review: Prairie Excellence
Prairie makers who are testing the boundaries of craft tradition.

One community, three perspectives on craft.

Fall/Winter 2010-2011

STudio FallWinter2010-11

Textiles and knitting showcased in Fibreworks, Breaking Boundaries in ceramics; Montreal City of Glass 2010; Craft on the web: Etsy, Flickr, Twitter and Social Fabric; Congratulations and Canadian craft council activity.

Spinning in the fast lane of e-commerce
Knitter and blogger Shawn O’Hagan spins and dyes yarn inspired by her natural surroundings; Gloria Hickey takes a look at how she balanced the “slow” nature of her work with the “fast” pace of the virtual marketplace.

Acts of Redemption: The Culture of Repair
Ken Vickerson, RCA, explores the concept of repair with humour and curiosity, from personal experience with craft and education to a broader philosophical understanding.

Craft Out-Loud: What makes Craft a fertile site for community and activist messages?
Shannon Stratton reflects on practice community and performance of making in Gestures of Resistance.

Name Dropping: Is craft still a relevant term for new makers?
Drawing on her experience teaching university and college students, Dorie Millerson discusses where students position themselves within the categories of craft, design and art, how they define craft, and why they chose to study it.

Slip: Awakening metaphor in the ceramics of Amelie Proulx
Robin Metcalfe considers themes of metaphor, motion and interaction in the dynamic work of Amelie Proulx.

Making Time
Helen Carnac, curator of Taking Time: Craftand the Slow Revolution, examines the relationship between craft and the Slow Movement.

We asked twelve makers across Canada to describe the impact of fast and slow processes, techniques and themes in their work.

Did You Know?
Michael Prokopow reflects on the work on Erica and Kjeld Deichmann, who owned and operated an innovative ceramics studio in New Brunswick from 1934-1963.

How slow is slow? Arno Verhoeven provides an in-depth review of Speed – Papers and Exhibition, exhibited at Internationale Handwerksmesse, Muich from March 3-9, 2010.

Spring/Summer 2010

Studio SpringSummer2010

Craft and design blogs; new twist on collectible ceramic figurines; researching craft online; Quilt Canada 2010; Unity and Diversity Redux; congratulations and council activity from across the country.

Unity and Diversity: a Review of Cheongju
In the wake of this important Canadian exhibition, Mary-Beth Laviolette celebrates the accomplishments and reflects on the challenges of this eclectic and wide-ranging show.

Writing about Craft
What is the role of curating for contemporary craft? Alan Elder interviews gallery directors and curators to investigate the question.

Playing with Paper, Playing with Words
Saskatchewan book artist Cathryn Miller reflects on concept and design in her unique, inventive book works.

Hypothetical Pasts, Reconstructed Futures
Ione Thokelsson, winner of the 2010 Saidye Bronfman Award, creates imaginative, technically brilliant glass pieces informed by evolutionary and existential themes. Helen Delacretaz explores her dynamic and innovative career.

Making and Writing
Taking up the pen: Gord Thompson examines the connections between making and writing, with a focs on the work and words of Stephen Hogbin.

Relocation, memory and narrative: Don Beaubier, explores compelling themes in Newfoundland and Labrador textiles.

Political Textiles
Max Allen surveys the role of political banners and textiles through history, around the world.

Twelve makers, curators and supporters of craft reflects on the meaning of words in their work.

Linguistics of Clothing
Vanessa Malicki-Sanchez challenges outmoded ways of thinking about clothing: the use of ‘Orientalism’ and ‘modern primitive’ in fashion.

Did You Know?
An historical moment in Canada’s textile past.

Jonathan Sabine reviews two compelling exhibitions in one: Gord Peteran: Furniture Meets its Maker and Gord Peteran: Recent Works, shown at the University of Toronto Art Centre during September 8 – December 5.

Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Studio FallWinter2009-10

Bookbinders online; contemporary interpretations of Venetian glass; craft hot spots in Kootenay, Calgary and Montreal; award winners and craft council activity across the country.

Canada Outside the Box
Maegan Black introduces the 2009 Cheonqju International Craft Biennale.

Craft and Community
A jeweler uses history to build community – Kari Woo brings you to rural Alberta, where Simon Wroot introduces craft to a new generation.

Mentoring Forward
Exchange, inspiration and shared goals – Stephen Hogbin reflects on his first-hand experience as a mentor.

Compatible Creativity
Is artistic creativity straining against aesthetic conventions? Arno Verhoeven examines issues surrounding EU educational shifts.

Unifying Diversity through Craft Education
Are we finally in a position to create a unified field for craft? Sandra Alfoldy raises questions and traces the history of Canadian craft education, through an examination of the objects selected for the largest-ever international Canadian craft exhibition at the Cheongju Biennale in South Korea.

A Pervasive Craft Ethos
Martin Woolley argues for the use of a craft ethos to inspire other disciplines.

Meet passionate craft program administrators, educators and students from across Canada and find out what they think of the current state of Canadian craft education.

Apprenticeship of a Tactile Type
Gay Decker reveals possibilities for creativity and community in mentoring.

Le moment est-il venu pour un programme universitaire en métiers d’art au Quebec?
Louise Lemieux Berube indique qu’apres 20 ans, il est grand temps que nous fassions found sur nos forces pour offrir un programme universitaire.

Are We Ready for University? Calling for Change in Quebec Craft Education.
Louise Lemiuex Berube suggests that, after 20 years, it is high time for us to build on our strengths and offer craft education as a university program.

Exploring repetition, collection and the ordinary – Melanie Egan reviews Ken Nicol’s exhibition A Room Full of Stuff I Made (And Collected).

Spring/Summer 2009

Studio SpringSummer2009

Chairs get conceptual; textile art in Canada; online hot spots; commission kudos and craft council activity across the country.

Celebrating a Craft Pioneer
Ken Vickerson reflects on the impact of metal matriarch Lois Betteridge.

Science & Craft
Steve Irvine charts the power and beauty of science as a rich resource of information and inspiration for craftspeople.

The Emma Collaborative Conference: once experienced, it is contagious. Founder Michael Hosaluk reflects on the evolution and impact of Emma.

Wilderness Glass
Kevin Lackau, winner of this year’s Saidye Bronfman Award, creates art that is rough, uncompromising and very, very Canadian. David James traces his career and the development of his atypical approach to glass.

Oh Canada!
Rachel Gottlieb considers the question: does Canada have a national voice in craft?

The Fisherman, His Wife and the Burlesque Dancer
A growing number of craftspeople in Newfoundland and Labrador are the human figure in their work; Gloria Hickey asks why.

Discover people across the country who have a passion for working, volunterring and championing Canadian craft.

Intertwined InTENSIONS
Tom McFall explores the work of three of Alberta’s most innovative fibre artists: Margie Davidson, Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer and Matt Gould.

Digital Winds in the Metals World
Charles Lewton-Brain hunts for paradigm shifts, and reveals how digital object-making is changing the landscape of jewelry.

Sarah Alford reviews the gregarious and charming book everyone seems to be reading, Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman.

Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Studio FallWinter2008-09Honouring Helen Gardiner
Alexandra Montgomery pays tribute and considers the legacy of celebrated Canadian philanthropist Helen Gardiner.

(Under)Mining Tradition
Kerry Croghan finds age-old craft skill mixed with fantasy and the darker subtext of reality in the work of Shary Boyle.

Larger Than 1 Woman
Defining a new variant on DIY, Allyson Mitchell returns to the work of Judy Chicago and the complicated, rewarding power of community.

Innovating Tradition
Tracing the process of bringing solar-cell technology to the ancient art of stained glass, John Bentley Mays profiles Sarah Hall’s True North/ Lux Nova.

Gathering Thoughts
Craft pioneer Jean Johnson taps into the passion of collectors and explores the role of collections within our culture.

Sustainable Practices
Eric Nay considers how to negotiate, engage, sdapt and expand approaches to sustainability.

Portfolio: Across Canada, Around the World
A celebration of craftspeople from across the country who are making their mark on the world stage.

Review: Telling Beaver Tales
Sifting through the new exhibition Beaver Tales, Janna Hiemstra uncovers diverse but unified Canadian iconography.

Spring/Summer 2008

Studio SpringSummer2008Chantal Gilbert’s Edge
Janna Hiemstra appraises the career of Chantal Gilbert, one of the latest winners of the Govenor General Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Craft is Sexy: The Craft of Curating
Sandra Alfoldy on the symbolic capital associated with exhibitions of craft and their on the field.

William Morris … Reloaded
Mike Press questions whether the web-driven DIY/crafter movement is the inheritor of Morris’ legacy.

Dream Catcher
Gail Crawford traces the history of the Winifred Shantz Award and its impact on a generation of artists.

The Undeniable Grande Dame of Craft
Melanie Egan celebrates the pioneering life of Jean Johnson from her early days of re-drawing Captain Marvel to shaping the Canadian craft scene.

Individuals Creating Organizations
John Harrison reflects on the history of Crafts Committed Organizations in Grey Bruce.

Review: Thinking Through Craft
Arno Verhoeven considers how information is sequeneced in his review of Glenn Adamson’s latest contribution to craft discourse.

Portfolio: OCC Award Winners
A celebration of selected Ontario Crafts Council Award & Scholarship winners: Noraj Deacon, Tara Lynne Franco, Brad Turner, Noelle Hamlyn Snell, Julie Moon and Gillian Batcher.

Fall/Winter 2007-2008

East to West & North to South: Embracing Contradictions
To intervene in a local handicraft or folk art geared to the tourist market and broker it as home décor is riddled with contractions beyond just financial ones. By Kelly Rude

The Identity of Craft: Craft is Dead, Long Live Craft
Craft, it seems, is suffering from an identity crisis, as funding from cultural bodies dries up and parent institutions undertake name changes. But is it as simple as saying that the outside world doesn’t understand? By G. Arno Verhoeven

RedefiningCanadian Studio Glass
After experiencing a formative period for the glass movement in Canada, and then an expansive period, we are now experiencing a time of fragmentation – always a scary word to use about glass. By Alan Elder

Married to Craft
Meet a special breed of jewelers who have chosen to mesh their personal and professional lives by sharing their creative passions with their spouse. By Maegen Black

The Axis of Art
It is time to seriously review the creator-connector-collector triad and its importance to healthy viable arts relationship. By Jonathon Bancroft Snell

Letter from the OCC



Spring/Summer 2007

A Vital Mix
An assemblage of recent works by 21 craftspeople who have been a part of the OCC’s exhibition program for the past 30 years. By Stuart Reid

Paul Mathieu: Embracing Contradictions
This year, the Saidye Bronfman Award for excellence in fine craft was awarded to ceramist Paul Mathieu. By Paul Bourassa

Studio Wood and Furniture across Canada
Some of Canada’s best craftspeople have devoted themselves to studio and wood furniture. With the Year of Craft 2007 upon us, we celebrate the recent accolades and exhibitions of Canadian-based makers. By Stephen Hodbin

Placing Meaning
A review of Unique! 30 Years of Outstanding Crafts. By Lisa Albuquerque Pai

The Evolution of Canadian Ceramics
Crafting cliché and constructing identity. By Rachel Gotlieb

Critical Craft Writing Award Winner. By Lise Downe

Letter from the OCC



Coast to Coast

Fall/Winter 2006

Craft Legacies: Past and Present
The Ontario Crafts Council is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the milestone marked by determination, talent, support – and changing with the times. By Gail Crawford

Peter Powning: Kindling the Creative Spark
This accomplished winner of the 2006 Saidye Bronfman Award has made a brilliant career out of nurturing his innovative spirit and taking risks in his work. By Diane Creber

Craft Year 2007 Annee des métiers d’art
Canadian crafts and craftspeople will be feted from coast to coast during Craft Year 2007 Annee des métiers d’art.

Letter from the OCC


Tribute: Paula Gustafson


Top Image: Clint Neufeld



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