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The engaging forms and shapes illustrate hidden memories, as connections emerge between past and present.


CO Space

CO Space is a multi-purpose venue dedicated to providing a space for Craft Ontario members and the public to learn, create, discover, and build community.

Craft Ontario Members can apply to use this open-concept space to host exhibitions, installations, workshops, presentations and meetings. With 548 sq ft of floor space and two walls, CO Space can accommodate up to 40 people theatre-style, or up to 20 seated with tables.

Applications for 2019 CO Space programming are now closed. Applications for 2020 will open in the summer.

Questions? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 416-925-4222 x 226.


Stick In A Box: A Celebration of Hand Made Music

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July 13 - 27
Reception July 19, 5 - 7 pm

Ken Vickerson shares his love for the humble cigar box guitar (CBG) in this exhibition of guitars produced over the past three years. The CBG, also known as the poor man’s guitar, is steeped in history and has provided entertainment and satisfaction for generations. Commonly made from empty cigar boxes and materials at hand, these instruments have recently experienced a resurgence in popular culture. They provide an ideal vehicle for both musical and visual artistic expression.

Ken has pursued this concept through a project that brings CBG building and playing workshops to creative communities over the past 6 months. His enthusiasm has inspired friends and collaborators whose work is also featured in the exhibit. 


Saturday July 20 & Sunday 21, 2019  12pm -5pm
Registration Fee $100  Materials Fee: $45

The cigar box guitar (CBG) is the perfect entry level instrument for the aspiring musician. The significance of playing a musical instrument you have made with your own hands is not a small thing. In just two days you will learn to build a fretless, 3 string cigar box guitar.

This workshop will be led by Ken Vickerson, a cigar box enthusiast and a professor in the Material Art and Design Program at OCADU. Ken will share his passion for this humble instrument, discuss its history and impart tips and tricks for making and playing your own CBGs.

Tools will be provided. It is suggested attendees bring their own cigar box but laser cut plywood boxes will also be available. Experience with hand and power tools is not required but it is an asset. Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent.

Registration is limited to 12 participants.  Material fees (approx. $45) will be payable in cash to Ken at the end of the workshop. 




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WAYPOINTS: An exhibition of ceramic and glass works created by thirteen participating artists in the Fusion Clay and Glass Association’s 2018-2019 signature mentorship program.

August 7-25

Opening Reception August 8 | 7-9 pm

Guest mentor :  Susan Low-Beer

Glass artists:  Jerre Davidson, Jennifer Kelly, Gabriela Wilson

Ceramic artists:  Sasha Bateman, Filipa Doak, Heather Driver-Kerslake, Teresa Dunlop, Linda Kelly-Cherney, Kim Lulashnyk, Jeannie Pappas, Frieda Pereira, Andrea Poorter, Aitak Sorahitalab 

A group of thirteen, mid-career ceramic and glass artists met regularly at the studio of Susan Low-Beer in Toronto between September 2018 and June 2019.  At each meeting, the artists presented works-in-process and together the group analyzed artistic choices, shared ideas and concerns, and questioned the very foundations of one’s craft.  Trust was built and relationships were developed. The mentorship process allowed for a place of safety to develop, and through that, a sense of community evolved.  By creating an atmosphere rich and warmth, goodwill, and non-judgment, the artists were able to relax into the mentoring process and air doubts, absorb suggested solutions, let diverse metaphors flourish, and mature into a collaborative exchange.

The culmination of the group’s year-long exchange is the exhibition WAYPOINTS.  The work shown here represents a process undertaken by each artist to experiment with form, explore new methodologies, re-shape personal memories, and uncover fresh metaphors.  The exhibition takes its name from the word ‘waypoint’ which is defined as a stopping place on a journey.  WAYPOINTS represents the many stopping places along each artist’s creative journey that this rewarding mentorship has facilitated.

WAYPOINTS image: ceramic work by Aitak Sorahitalab


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