CO Space


By sewing into fabric that dissolves in water, I can build up stitched lines on this temporary surface. The crossing threads create strength so that when the fabric is dissolved, the thread drawing can hold together without a base.


CO Space

Please note that we are not accepting CO Space applications for our 2021/2022 programming, but we invite you to apply to our Call for Exhibition Proposals. Find out more HERE.

CO Space is a multi-purpose venue dedicated to providing a space for Craft Ontario members and the public to learn, create, discover, and build community.

Craft Ontario Members can apply to use this open-concept space to host exhibitions, installations, workshops, presentations and meetings. 

Members are eligible to book CO Space for free if the booking event does not generate revenue. If the event is intended to create a profit, such as a trunk show or workshop, a rental fee will be negotiated on a one-on-one basis that takes the event type into consideration.

Individuals or Organizations who are not members of Craft Ontario are also welcome to apply, but will be charged a rental fee for use of the space. For more information on our fee structure and any other questions, email Elycia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Social Distancing Precautions

The health and safety of our staff and visitors remains top priority, and we are continuing to monitor government announcements and information to ensure that our safety plan is up to date. 

2020 Programming
17th Annual National Student Jewellery Competition
July 10-12

Presented by the L.A. Pai Gallery, a showcase featuring the work the eight finalists in the 17th annual National Jewellery Student Competition. 

Off the Table
July 15-24

An exhibition of new work by ceramic artists Chiho Tokita and Marc Egan pays homage to the tradition of functional ceramics, exploring it's objects as sites for contemporary interpretation. While both of their ceramic practices emerge from an interest in pots, Marc Egan's work examines the relationship between form and surface, and interplay of colours, textures, and structure. For Chiho Tokita, her interest lies in exploring the materiality of clay and re-interpreting functional objects as abstract forms, as sculptural ways of thinking about containment, The exhibition is in service of the objects and forms that serve us. 

July 27-August 5

Pathologia will present a body of ceramic and fibre works by Erin Berry, which are informed by our human relationship to health, the body and the microscopic structures that are found in nature and that are mirrored within us. “As humans we have a tendency to separate ourselves from the natural world, fighting off the proliferation of plants and creatures we see as pestilence. Berry looks within; at the individual organisms that are working hard, making up the structure we call our body. Mutating cells proliferating, taking over a body, preventing it from thriving. These cells like all the others are working hard to live, yet at the same time are damaging the very body they rely on for life itself. Can we zoom in x100 so that when we zoom out x100 we can understand and connect to what it is that sustains us? By looking inward can we expand our perception of the world around us.”

(Wo)man and Environment
August 8- August 19

A retrospective exhibition that presents a selection of Nithikul Nimkulrat’s paper sculptures from three art series created in the last decades – Seeing Paper (2005), Paper World (2007) and The White Forest (2008–2016). The exhibition aims to illuminate ways in which our everyday lives as individuals with different personalities and temperaments are surrounded by artificial and natural environments, most of which are so ordinary that we may not realize their importance until they are no longer with us. This is to emphasize that humans and environments are inseparable and will continue to affect one another.

400 Test Tiles
August 22- August 31

An exhibition of work by ceramic artist, Angelo di Petta, which features a large selection of test tiles that span his 45 year career, and that explore his mastery of glazing and surface design techniques. 


FUSION Clay and Glass Association's exbihition opening for Waypoints on August 8, 2019.


  • August 7-25, 2019, WAYPOINTS: An exhibition of ceramic and glass works created by thirteen participating artists in the FUSION Clay and Glass Association’s 2018-2019 signature mentorship program.
  • July 13 - 27, 2019, STICK IN A BOX: Ken Vickerson shares his love for the humble cigar box guitar (CBG) through an exhibition of guitars produced over the past three years.
  • June 25 - July 8, 2019, VESSEL ELABORATIONS EXHIBITION: A group exhibition featuring the ceramic work of Mary McKenzie, Alix Davis, & Hana Balaban-Pommier.
  • May 22 - June 11, 2019, INSIDE OUT EXHIBITION: An exhibition by Tanya Lyons exploring re-entry into community through collaborative art making with glass.
  • May 14, 2019, Montessori School Printmaking Workshop
  • March 16 - 17, 2019, Gillian E. Batcher, MAKING IT WORK: Defining Business Goals and Individual Success for Professional Craft Artists
  • Multiple Meeting and Presentation Dates: STUDIO ART QUILT ASSOCIATES

Who We Are

Formerly the Ontario Crafts Council, Craft Ontario is a not-for-profit service organization that works to have craft recognized as a valuable part of life. We promote and celebrate professional craft through providing member opportunities, and advocate for craft practice by educating and empowering diverse audiences.