Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Chase Paymentech Point of Sale Services

Increase your Sales, Increase your Savings

Studies show that when customers make a purchase with their credit card, their transactions are as much as 50% higher than if they paid with cash. Doesn't your business deserve to cash in? By providing the option to pay with credit or debit card, your customers increase their spending, as they are not limited by the cash they carry in their wallets. It is becoming clearer than ever before that payment card processing is playing an increasingly important role in the overall success of small businesses everywhere.

Craft Ontario Members save with Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech doesn't just offer excellent customer service - we help our clients save! Current Craft Ontario members are saving on their credit and debit card transactions by enjoying the preferential rates we offer. Are you ready to join them?

Improve your bottom line by offering Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to attract new customers to your business and increase repeat customers, while increasing sales - and your bottom line. Choose from one of our attractive card templates, or let your creativity flow and create your own custom card design. With complete gift card solutions, including unlimited transactions and 100 card orders starting at just $10.95 per month, gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving.

Go mobile with wireless payment solutions

Merchants deserve fast, secure and convenient payment solutions wherever their business takes them. That's why Chase Paymentech offers the NBS 5600, a long-range and compact POS terminal that offers nation-wide wireless coverage and is ideal for bringing to fairs and trade shows across Canada. With an all-in-one monthly rate which includes connectivity charges, the NBS 5600 truly offers mobile convenience.

Bring more customers to your store

Speed, convenience and payment flexibility are a way of life for consumers who want the convenience of credit card payment. Offering your customers more payment options, such as credit and debit cards, means that more people will find it convenient to shop at your business.

Get faster access to your funds and great reporting!

By accepting payment cards with Chase Paymentech, your funds are deposited in the bank account of your choice, with no additional fee charged by Chase Paymentech. And in Resource Online, you have real-time access to your transaction history and totals online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exclusive Savings for Craft Ontario Members!
  • Exclusive processing rates for members of Craft Ontario
  • A wide range of POS terminals at exclusive Craft Ontario member rates, including short and long-range wireless convenience and high-speed connectivity
  • Access your processing data and billing information from anywhere in the world, 24/7, with our secure suite of online reporting tools for Craft Ontario members
  • Add up-front cash flow and increased customer satisfaction with gift cards
  • Choose paper, email or online statements
Wired, Pay at the Counter Solutions

080715-paymentech-m1Vx570: High-Speed Power

Ethernet and dial connectivity together in one compact package. Enjoy the convenience of plugging the Vx570 in to your router, using your existing high-speed Internet access. Or, utilize dial-up service as a backup if the situation requires it.

080715-paymentech-m2Vx510: Dial-up Convenience

A compact, dial-only, point-of-sale terminal ideal for businesses needing support for credit and debit payments, as well as Chase Pymentech gift cards.

080715-paymentech-m3NBS 5600: Long-Range Wireless Power

A high-speed, highly-portable terminal, perfect to take to fairs and trade shows. Featuring national wireless service and a fixed monthly rental rate which includes communications fees, merchants can enjoy reliable, nationwide connectivity on-the-go.

Give us a call and learn about:

  • The Features of Wired, Pay at the Counter Solutions
  • Gift Card Program
  • A Complete Card Not Present Payment Solution
  • Powerful Online Reporting
  • Exclusive Savings for Craft Ontario Members

Chase Paymentech is ready to become your payment partner, helping you to realize increased revenue. Call us today at 1.888.850.1134.

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