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Alex Kinsley

Kinsley’s work explores his personal and cultural identity defined by the environment of Hamilton, ON. His recent work, Iron Identity evokes and commemorates this identity through the use of oxides, coarse finishing, and the use of steel.


Loup Garou & Moccasins: Nathalie Bertin (April 29 - June 17, 2023)

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April 29 - June 17, 2023
Reception: Sunday, April 30 from 1-4pm
Craft Ontario Gallery, 1106 Queen Street West, Toronto

A selection of work from this exhibition is available for sale in the Craft Ontario online shop.

‘Loup Garou & Moccasins’ is a solo exhibition by Lake Nosbonsing-based multidisciplinary artist Nathalie Bertin that interprets stories from Métis culture through beadwork.

“Tales and stories are part of our childhood. It is often when we go to bed at night that a parent tells us a fairy tale. Lying on our pillow listening to the voice of someone we love soothes us and puts us to sleep. We are in dreamland!

In the Ojibway and Métis tradition, moccasins are not only to put on our feet, but they also connect us to the earth. On special occasions, we are often given a new pair of moccasins with beadwork to signify the importance of the occasion and also to keep us grounded in life.

Storytelling and traditional dress are part of many cultures. It is a common link. Unfortunately, most Canadians are not familiar with Métis culture, nor many First Nations or Inuit cultures. This project serves to introduce the Métis culture through a series of “moccushions”—cushions created in the model of the Métis style moccasin—that interpret traditional stories.

The series consists of a dozen stories drawn from Métis families across Ontario. Their construction is made with a variety of leather, fur, wool, embroidery and various beads chosen specifically for the tale. In addition to interpreting a traditional tale, they show us some things about distinct Métis art styles.”

– Nathalie Bertin

Nathalie Bertin is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Toronto of French, Métis, and Algonquin heritage. She currently lives near the shores of Lake Nosbonsing (near North Bay). Nathalie worked as a graphic designer in print, publishing and advertising for over 20 years before deciding to pursue her true love of creating art in 2009. Not content with just one medium, she expresses herself through painting, illustration, photography, and a variety of traditional crafts.

Nathalie has had her illustrations struck on collector coins for the Royal Canadian Mint and has illustrated several children's books for Nelson Education. She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions, has curated exhibitions, and is the co-creator of 'Breathe: A Collection of Traditional Masks Demonstrating Resilience in the Face of the 21st Century Pandemic' to help artists work through the emotions of the pandemic.

Nathalie's work is included in the collections of the Government of Canada, Manitoba and Alberta; the Royal Ontario Museum; and private collectors in Canada, the US, and Europe.

Loup Garou & Moccasins: Nathalie Bertin

All photos by Jocelyn Reynolds. Click here to see all exhibition documentation on Flickr.


The artist gratefully acknowledges support from the Ontario Arts Council for the production of this series.

Craft Ontario exhibitions are supported by the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.


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