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As Craft Ontario navigates an uncertain time, we would like to acknowledge the community of people who have stepped up to help us move into 2018 on stable financial footing. The fight isn't over, but you have undoubtedly made a difference.

We called, you answered


Thank you for stepping up to help Craft Ontario in this uncertain time.

To date, we have raised over $26,000 -- thank you for your contribution. It is because of your generous donation and continued support that we can move closer to remaining open in 2018.

Inspired by the overwhelming response we’ve received from people like you, our Board and staff continue to push forward to draw on every resource we have. We’re not letting go of a vital 41-year arts organization without making it known in every corner of the arts sector that we need support.

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Donations $5,000 +


Donations $1,000 +

Gilles Latour
Bruce Cochrane

Donations from $501 - $1000

John Arnold
Mary Corcoran
Karen Jack Krupa
Joon Hee Kim
Susan Low-Beer
James Richardson

Donations from $251 - $500

Gillian Batcher
Sandra Dupret
Kim McBrien Evans
Steve Heinemann
Ann Mortimer
Emma Quin
Stuart Reid
Keith Rose

 Donations from $101 - $250

David Billes
Lois Betteridge
Jane Bright
Peter Caldwell
Michael Fortune
E Jewel Foster
Jeremy Gawen
Taliaferro Jones
Kathy Kranias
Mary K McIntyre
Jane & Paul Moore
Kathleen Morris
Bruce Owen
Ray Prince
Vera Stern
Jill & Don Stuart
John Thistle
George Tourlakis
Jane & Ted Wilson & Hodgetts
SOS Design Inc.

 Donations up to $100

Elizabeth Alber
Alysha Alexandroff-Appleton
Ken Allen
Janice Andreae
Dale Barrett
Anne Barros
Saskia Beekhuizen
Ernie Bies
Maegen Black
Linda Brine
Margaret Bryant
Jen Bulthuis
Joyce Campbell
Marie-Eve G Castonguay
Naomi Clement
Elizabeth Cohen
Robynne Cole
Susan Collett
John Cooper
Cindy Dachuk
Jerre Davidson
Karla Delcid
Janet Deline
Rob Diemert
Toby Druce
Deborah Dumka
Teresa Dunlop
Sandy E
Cheryl Eadie
Melanie Egan
Jacqueline Elton
Eva Ennist
Loretta Faveri
Reid Ferguson
Stephanie Fortin
Kyle Garland
Francois Garneau
Marion Gibson
Gracia Gomez
Andrew Goss
Rachel Gotlieb
Esther Grav
Suzann Greenaway
Thea Haines
Peta Hall
Sarah Hall
Kay Harper
Karen Harris
Lauch Harrison
Lynne Heller
Amy Herzog
Robert Hewitt
Joanne Hlozan
Stephen Hogbin
Claire Hopkinson
Leah Houston
Human Capital Benefits (Chris Pryce)
Destiny Itano
Michael Jacobs
Andrea Jakaitis
LeeAnn Janissen
Robert Jekyll
Teena Jennings
Carey Jernigan
Johnson Chou Inc.
Caroline Jonas
Elizabeth Joseph
Davoud Khosravi
Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery
Alex Kinsley
Kate Kitchen
Tracey Lawko
Caitlin Lawrence
Sylvia Lee
Dianne Lee
Lauren Levine
Kristen Lim Tung
Gary Ludwig
Judy MacDonald
Janet MacPherson
Daniel Manley
Adrian Mann
Judy Mason
Paul McClure
Lesley McInally
Lorraine McKay
Michelle Mendlowitz
Peggy Mersereau
Rachel Miller  
Dorie Millerson
Robert Mitchell
Lindsay Montgomery
Julie Moon
Joni Moriyama
Jose Niaison
Sandra Noble Goss
Kaitlyn Webb Patience
Liz & Mike Rachul
Lyne Reid
Sarah Robertson
Lindsay Rogan
Micheline Roi
Carol Rossman
Shelley Schell
Lois Schklar
Salina Sdzechtman
David Sereda
Mary Setzer
Rita Shahin
CA Sinclair
Susan M Singh
Tracey Solomon
Brandon Sousa
Kristian Spreen
Anne Stadlmair
Elizabeth Stregger
Marisa Stroud
Isabel Stukator
Tammy Sutherland
Magali Thibault Gobeil
Robin Tieu
Nicole Tremblay
Vanesa Trillia
Frank Trotz
Ken Vickerson
Debbie Wales
Scott Walling
Kathryn Walter
Wanxing Wang
Deborah Wang
Janice Warren
Hilary West
Robyn Wilcox
Susan Wilcox
Roger Wood
Malcolm Zander


Who We Are

Formerly the Ontario Crafts Council, Craft Ontario is a not-for-profit service organization that works to have craft recognized as a valuable part of life. We promote and celebrate professional craft through providing member opportunities, and advocate for craft practice by educating and empowering diverse audiences.