Donor Wall 2010

Chiho Tokita

The material aspect of clay is what continues to intrigue and engage me - seeing what clay can do and be. I use it to draw, colour and decorate the work, however subtle it may be, rather than with glazes.

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Patron Members

Partner Circle: Patron Level IV

$1000 - $4999
Gilles Latour

Craft Benefactor: Patron Level III

$500 - $999
James Dunne 
Barbara Goldring
W.B.G. Humphries

Craft Supporter: Patron Level II

$250 - $499
Janis Parker
Louise MacCallum
Barbara Malcolm
Margaret Rieger
Kathleen Ward

Craft Collector: Patron Level I

$175 - $249
Ed Checko
Bill Etherington

Karen McHaffie
Anne Banani
Alan Frosst
Margaret Marcon
Freda Miller
T.V. Mosur
Hak-Ming Chiu
Paul Becker
Janet Brown
Alice Hubbes
Elizabeth Irving
Susan Rothfels
Jane Smith
Jerry Smith
Janice Warren
Jocelyn Allen
Beverly Allen
David Hedley
Keri Johnston
Gary Rodin
Jane Bright
Peter Watson
Individual & Annual Members Campaign

$2500 +
Estate of Lily Yung

$1000 - $2500
William Corcoran
Richard La Prairie
The ARTexe

$500 - $999
Philip Anisman and Libby Hague
Paul Becker
Karen Curry
Allen and Celia Hirsh
Barbara Mather
David McPherson
Walter Ostrom
RBC Royal Bank
Women's Association of the Mining Industry of Canada

$250 - $499
Leslie Adamson
Aggie Beynon
Alice Fournier
Barbara Goldring
Robert Jekyll
Helene Lavine
Susan Low-Beer
Potters Guild of Hamilton and Region
Ray Prince
Diana Reitberger
Joyce Seagram

$100 - $249
Mika Beder
Lois Betteridge
Bilkstys-Richardson Foundation
George R. Bolling II, In Memorium
Clare Booker
Mary Brebner
Jane Buckles
Keith Campbell
John Chan
Wing-Ki Chan
Karin Clifford
Mary Comi
Elsie Cooper
Susan Corrigan
Heather Cote
Janet Cox
Cindy Dachuk
Heather Daymond
Elsa Elliott
Peter Fleming
Lillian Forester
Harold Freeman
Peter Goring
Steve Heinemann
Stephen Hogbin
Steven Irvine
David James
Marian Jaworski
Susan Jefferies
Tim Jones
Susan Koenig
Caitlin Lawrence
Janna Levitt
Christine Little-Ardagh
Elizabete Ludviks
Melinda Mayhall
Carol-Ann Michaelson
Brenda Mitchell

Ann Mortimer
Nana Nishimura
Nova Scotia College Art & Design
Elizabeth Parkinson
Monica Peel
Quentin Playfair
Dorothy Purchase
Bill Reddick
Rockcliffe Pottery
Judith Rygiel
Elvino Sauro
Winifred Shantz
Donald Stuart
Bonnie Sylvia
The Japanese Paper Place
Gordon Thompson
Gene Threndyle
Catherine Timm
Katrina Michelle Tompkins
Sarah Toomey
Tucker's Pottery Supplies Inc.
Catherine Vamvakas Lay
Monique Van Wel
Judith J. Welbourn
Mary Wemp

$1 - $99
Beth Alber
Jessie Aw
Bonnie Baker
Scott Barnim
Anne Barros
Ronald Beiner
Phyllis Broom-Walker
David Kaye Gallery
Lorraine Dawson
Ankaret Dean
Designer Silks By Britta
Melanie Egan
Melissa Farquhar
Jeremy Gawen
Andrea Graham
Gerke Haigh-Geissler
Kathleen Hallick
Robert Held
Jenepher Hemsted
Lorna Livey
Eleanor K. Mack
Jane Malloy
Mayta Markson
Linda E. McKnight
Phyllis McTaggart
Patrick Mok
Jane Moore
Sarah Mulholland
Sheila North Baker
Judith Ostrower
Pantoufles Garneau Slippers
Helen Paul
Florence Ida Pitman
Quinte Arts Council
Pam Ritchie
Rudolph Schafron
Wendy Shingler
Richard Skrobecki
Diane Sullivan
Eric Tardif
Deborah Toner
Nicole Truman
Pattie Walker
Ted White

In-Kind Supporters

$1000 - $2500
Joyce Seagram

$500 - $999
Andrea Graham
Melinda Mayhall
Michelle Mendlowitz

$250 - $499
Phyllis Broom-Walker
Heather Konschuh
Kayo O'Young
Rudolph Schafron
Amir Sheikhvand
Pattie Walker
Helena Wehrstein

$100 - $249
Hanna Back
Carolynn Bloomer
Robert Buick
Cynosure Jewellery
Monika Devine
Noelle Hamlyn-Snell
Alexis Kostuk
Katherine Laco

Pamela Lauz
Valerie McLean
Ornamental Iron
Donald Plewes
Lisa Shigetomi
Maurie Todd
Elaine Wigle-Kratz

$1 - $99
Chequer's Creations
Michael Doxey
Lindsey Fair
April Gates
Emma Rae Gerard
Kevin Gray
Jennifer Jakob
Leslie Jones
Anu Raina Batra
Isabela Saver
Jane Thelwell
Alexandra Veilleux
Kathryn Walter
Kari Woo
Robert Wu

Please note, only donor levels in which donations were made in 2010 are listed.

NOTE: The Donor Wall is updated each year in alignment with the publishing of our Annual General Report. We make every effort to keep our Donor listing up to date and accurate. If you have any questions or notice any errors or omissions please contact Rebecca Welbourn, Head of Membership & Marketing, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 416-925-4222 ext222.

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