Craft Awards

Lois Schklar
Lily Yung Memorial Award

Lois Schklar’ lives and works in Toronto. Her work has been shown in exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States. Her burlap sculptures are in the Bronfman Collection, Claridge Investments, Idea Exchange Art Gallery and The Key Corporation. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree, Schklar worked in fibre and mixed media creating non-traditional dolls, fetishes and laminated burlap sculptures. From 2004-2014, she began to incorporate her collection of found objects, fragments of older work and writing into three-dimensional wall installations. Leftovers: Hung Out to Dry and Timelines (2016-2017) reflect Schklar’s continued interest in the manipulation of materials, the fragility and power of memory and the psychological dynamic that exists in the process of making art. The two bodies of work re-imagine the aesthetic association that first brought her collection of objects to her attention and re-purposes materials she no longer uses or needs by transforming them into minimalist, dimensional wall installations.  Schklar has received numerous grants. These include a Toronto Arts Council Grant to Individuals, Ontario Arts Council Project Grants, Exhibitions Assistance Grants and Canada Council Grants. Thirty Years of Dolls (2011) was a retrospective exhibition created with the assistance of an Ontario Crafts Council award and an OAC Exhibition Assistance Grant. In 2013, she was awarded an Ontario Arts Council Multi/Integrated Arts Project Grant for Collective Memories, a visual art installation with a professional dancer, musician and lighting designer.

As an educator, Lois designed and delivered workshops and courses on creativity for adults and children. She is also a facilitator, keynote speaker and curator. In 1997, Lois curated Dolls: Reclaimed at the Ontario Crafts Council and in 2008 she organized the exhibition, Drawing On at *new* gallery in Toronto. Lois received an OAC Visual Artist Project Grant for Research and Development for The Art of Packing (2014). Currently Lois is co-curating the exhibition, The Art of Packing: In Search of a Home and working on her newest series, Leftovers and Timelines.



Leftovers: Hung Out to Dry 1
Mixed Media wood, cord, 2016 91 h x 8 w x 5 d

Leftovers: Hung Out to Dry #3
Mixed Media wood, cord, 2017 122 h (variable) x 23 w x 4 d

Detail of Leftovers:Hung Out to Dry #3
Mixed Media wood, cord, 2017 as in Image #02

Leftovers: Hung Out to Dry #4
Mixed Media, wood (painted ties),cord, 2017 122 h (variable) x 25 w x 4 d

Detail Leftovers: Hung Out to Dry #4
Mixed Media, wood (painted ties),cord, 2017 as in Image #04

Timelines #1 and #2
Mixed Media objects, cord, 2017 97 h x 292 w x 1.5 d

Timelines #1 and #2
Mixed Media objects, cord, 2017 Same as Image #06

Timeline # 3
Mixed Media wire, cord, buttons, 2017 61 h x 107 w x 1.5 d

Timeline #4
Mixed Media buttons and cord, 2017 61 h x 97 w x 1.5 d

Timeline #4
Mixed Media buttons and cord, 2017 same as Image #09

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