Craft Awards

Renato Foti
2015 Award: Lily Yung Memorial Award

Renato Foti is an artist working mainly in fused and bent glass for large scale installations. He studied at Pilchuck, Penland and Urban Glass, after first completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Western Ontario. During this time, he began to cast glass in sculptural forms and develop new bodies of work. For a large portion of his career, Renato worked to open a production glass table top company called Trio Design Glassware, which still produces smaller fine craft items. 

Currently, Renato’s main focus is working on larger scale, wall-hung glass sculptures. He is also working on new mixed media sculptures which incorporate glass and other materials.



Colour wall series # 1
Fused Glass & metal, LED light

Colour wall series # 1
Fused Glass & metal, LED light

Retro Mesh Oval series 2
Fused glass & slumped

Colour wall series , organic
Glass, fused & slumped, LED & Metal

Mannequin Series # 1
cast glass, plastic, Led lights, Paint, epoxy

Retro Mesh Series #2
Fused & slumped glass

Untitled ( could call it too much work )
Fused glass, epoxy, wood, paint

Mannequin Series # 3
Cast Glass, plastic, metal, LED lights, fused glass, paint

Bent Oval in Organic
Fused & slumped glass

Retro Mesh series # 2 in B & W's
Fused & slumped glass

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