Craft Awards

K. Claire McDonald
2014 AWARD: Women's Association of the Mining Industry of Canada Scholarship

K. Claire MacDonald is a recent graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with a Major in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing. She was born and raised in Nova Scotia, but is presently based in Toronto, Ontario where she is working as an artist-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre. Her current work is based on an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to combine her painting and metalsmithing practices.

Drawing upon her background and training in metalsmithing, she seeks to reexamine her longstanding interest in painting through abstraction and manipulation of form. MacDonald deconstructs her paintings on both metal and wood into a multitude of tiny shapes, which she then forms and reassembles using traditional metalsmithing techniques. The paintings become playful entities of curling and intertwining planes that offer but a glimpse of something once familiar. Accumulative curves reveal slivers of brushwork and fragmented imagery that suggest an almost obsessive grappling with memory. The composition of her jewelry and small sculptural objects make reference to elements of traditional jewelry design, yet subtly edge into the territory of fine art.  



Succession 01
Brass, steel, wood, paint. Painting and fabrication

Brass, steel, wood, paint. Painting and fabrication

Succession 02
Brass, steel, wood, paint. Painting and fabrication

Slivered Moment
Sterling silver, steel, wood, paint. Painting and fabrication

Sterling silver, fabrication

Ancestry (group of sculptural objects)
Brass, copper, paint. Painting and fabrication

Wind and Water
Copper, brass, paint. Painting and fabrication

Cluster Pendant
Bronze, cord, fabrication

Little House
Copper, paint. Painting and fabrication

Brass, paint. Painting and Fabrication

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